ZEISS Secacam 7 metal housing camouflage

Product number: SC-060-013


Product information "ZEISS Secacam 7 metal housing camouflage"

Protect your ZEISS Secacam 7 against theft and vandalism

Ensure greater security

Unfortunately, even in the forest or on private ground, vandals and thieves do not stop at other people's property. The metal housing gives your ZEISS Secacam 7 additional protection with a layer of steel.

The robust housing encloses the entire camera. Precisely fitting cut-outs on the front ensures that the camera functions are not affected. The full-surface camouflage pattern makes it easier to hide the camera in natural surroundings.

A gap between the side panels and the camera serves as a buffer to improve protection against impact. This makes the camera more resistant to minor falls or direct physical violence. The side slits prevent rainwater from gathering and allow it to drain away quickly.

A magnet integrated into the locking element ensures that the housing closes reliably and completely. To increase the protection of your ZEISS Secacam 7, the metal housing can be locked with a padlock (available separately).

Convenient attachment

There are various mounting options on the back of the metal housing:

  • A 1/4-inch screw hole enables mounting with tripod brackets on trees or other objects.
  • Thanks to eyelets, the housing can be secured with a cable lock.
  • A further pair of eyelets enables attachment with a mounting strap, as supplied with the ZEISS Secacam cameras
  • Alternatively, the metal housing can be screwed directly into appropriate surfaces using a suitable screw with a standard thread.

The power connection on the underside of the camera remains accessible even when using the metal housing, so that an external power supply can still be connected.