Service Plans

Get the most out of your ZEISS camera with smart features.



2,99€ / £2,69

per month & camera

2,39€ / £2,15

per month & camera with annual booking

  • 100 photos per month included
  • 2 month Storage Time
  • Remote Control


coming soon



free for 90 days

after that: 9,99€ / £8,99 per month & camera

7,99€ / £7,19

per month & camera with annual booking

  • 750 photos per month included
  • 6 month Storage Time
  • Remote Control
  • Video Transmission
  • 25 Video Transmissions included
  • Animal Recognition




14,99€ / £13,49

per month & camera

11,99€ / £10,79

per month & camera with annual booking

  • unlimited photos per month included
  • 12 month Storage Time
  • Remote Control
  • Video Transmission
  • 50 Video Transmissions included
  • Animal Recognition
  • Theft Replacement Service


coming soon

30% off with 4+ cameras in use

With ZEISS you can make big savings when operating multiple trail cameras. Starting with the 4th ZEISS trail camera, you will save 30% of the price on the service plans for all your cameras.

*Free Premium for 90 days!

If you start with a ZEISS Secacam till 29.02.24 latest, you get 90 days free trial for the Premium Plan where you can add as many ZEISS Secacams as you want!

Prepaid Service

For flexible and pure use even without a Service Plan.

1 Credit equivalent to 1 HD photo (1920 x 1440 px), 4 Credits equals to 1 Video of 10 sec.

1,99€ / £1,79

8,99€ / £8,09€

16,99€ / £15,29

Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Prepaid Credits and Photo Volume?

Prepaid Credits can be purchased at any time, do not expire and can be used by all your cameras until they are used up or you top them up again.

The Photo Volume, on the other hand, is included in a Service Plan. It can only be used to send photos by the cameras you have included in your Service Plan. It is valid for the current month. As long as your Service Plan is active, it will be topped up every month up to the amount included in your Service Plan.

Is cancelling the Service Plan possible at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel the service package at any time. As long as the Service Plan is not canceled, it will be renewed at the end of the booked period. If you cancel your Service Plan, you can use it as usual until the booked period has expired. When booking, you can choose between a monthly or annual period. Payment is made at the beginning of a booked period. If you want to remain as flexible as possible, we recommend the monthly Service Plan.

I have cameras integrated in a Service Plan. Can they still send photos if the monthly Photo Volume gets used up?

If your monthly Photo Volume has been used up but you still have Prepaid Credits, the cameras will automatically use them to send photos.

Tip: If you frequently run out of Photo Volume, you should consider upgrading your Service Plan to a higher level. With the Professional Plan, your integrated cameras have an unlimited monthly Photo Volume.

Can I use my ZEISS Secacams without a Service Plan?

If you want to renounce to the practical features of the Service Plan - sure, you can use your ZEISS Secacams without it. Just top up your account with Prepaid Credits that your cameras can use to send photos and you are ready to start.

What happens with my Photo Volume at the end of a running month?

The photo volume is valid for one month. It is therefore topped up to the amount included in your service package. For example, if you have booked the Premium package for a camera, you have 750 photos per month. If there are still 30 photos left at the end of the month, the photo volume will be refilled to 750 photos at the beginning of the next month.


Animal Recognition

Automatically identifies and classifies animals in images.

Remote Control

Allows you to control your ZEISS Secacam from the comfort of your home and adjust settings such as image quality.

Video Transmission

The cameras can record a video in addition to the photo. You can request the video for the photo in the app or activate automatic video transmission.

Anti Theft Replacement

The ZEISS theft replacement service offers you the certainty that you will continue to have an eye on nature even after theft. ZEISS offers you a one-time discount of 80% on the replacement purchase of a stolen or deliberately destroyed ZEISS Secacam. Here you can find further information.