ZEISS Theft Replacement Service

Terms for the ZEISS Theft Replacement Service for ZEISS Secacam Wildlife Cameras

The ZEISS Theft Replacement Service offers an affordable solution for replacing stolen cameras. Upon verifying a theft report, you can purchase an identical or equivalent new replacement camera at a price reduced by 80% compared to the recommended retail price in our online store.

This service is available for all ZEISS-branded wildlife cameras with transmission functionality sold from 2023 onwards. Please note that all accessories are excluded from this service.

The ZEISS Theft Replacement Service is an exclusive part of the ZEISS Professional service plan. The service is available only if the stolen camera was continuously registered in the Professional Subscription for at least one month, including the day the theft was reported.

During this month, the reported stolen wildlife camera must have sent at least one photo. The camera's GPS location data must have been active. The Professional service plan must be taken within the first 24 months of the camera's initial activation.

The service is only available for cameras that were properly mounted and secured for use, such as with a strap mount, and not for cameras stored in locations like hunting cabins.

The service is limited to a maximum of two stolen wildlife cameras per account within twelve (12) months, starting from the report to ZEISS. This service is only for end consumers.

How to Claim the ZEISS Theft Replacement Service in Case of Theft

Benefits of the service are available only with an official police report.

Immediately report the camera theft to the police. Upload the police confirmation, the case number, and a copy of the theft report to ZEISS within 10 working days using their contact form:

International: https://www.zeiss.com/consumer-products/int/service/contact/contact-form.html

German: https://www.zeiss.de/consumer-products/service/kontakt/kontaktformular.html

France: https://www.zeiss.fr/consumer-products/service/contact/formulaire-de-contact.html

Italy: https://www.zeiss.it/consumer-products/servizio/contatto/modulo-di-contatto.html

Spain: https://www.zeiss.es/consumer-products/servicio/contacto/formulario-de-contacto.html

Provide detailed information about the wildlife camera, such as model, purchase date, and camera service number (found in the ZEISS Secacam App settings).

After verifying eligibility, you will have the opportunity to purchase an identical or equivalent new replacement camera at an 80% discount off the recommended retail price in our online shop.

The stolen wildlife camera will be deactivated by ZEISS and cannot be reused. Note that all gallery images from the stolen camera will be deleted, so download any desired photos via the app beforehand.

Your statutory warranty rights are not affected by the ZEISS Theft Replacement Service. The service is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Responsible for the ZEISS Theft Replacement Service:
Carl Zeiss AG
Carl-Zeiss-Straße 22
73447 Oberkochen, Germany

Handled by:
Ventrade GmbH
Customer Service
Schanzenstraße 38
51063 Cologne, Germany