Product information "SECACAM Power Supply"

Free yourself from batteries - operate game camera with power supply

Supply your game camera with power permanently to ensure seamless monitoring. Don't worry anymore about whether the battery charge level is sufficient. Both the SECACAM models and most other game cameras have a suitable power connector on the underside of the camera housing, into which you can plug the hollow plug of the power supply unit.

On SECACAM models, this connector is protected by a waterproof rubber cover. Pull the protective cover out of the power connector and plug in the cable. This will provide your SECACAM with power without interruption.

Other end devices can also be operated with this power supply. Find out vohrer, whether it is a device with a consumption of 12V and 2A, as well as a connection for the appropriate Holstecker (outer diameter 4 mm + inner diameter 1.7 mm).

Tip: A stationary game camera for permanent surveillance

A power supply unit is particularly practical if you want to use your game camera to monitor your house or property. You don't have to worry about dead batteries anymore, but run the cable of the power supply hidden and water-protected from a power source directly to the camera

With a SECACAM, you can now activate the "Overwrite" mode in the camera menu. Then, when the memory card is full, the oldest image on the memory card is automatically overwritten with the newest image. This way the camera can work unnoticed for months. So you do not have to constantly check the game camera, because as soon as something happens in the monitored area, which you want to trace more precisely, you can be sure that your SECACAM had enough power and memory to record what happened.

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