Product information "VARTA Longlife Power Alkaline AA Batt. pack of 8"

Branded batteries with solid price-performance ratio

The Longlife Power batteries from VARTA offer the right performance with a high energy consumption. Since the batteries always release only the energy that is needed, they have a long-lasting performance.

In addition, the self-discharge is low; the storage life is 10 years. By the way, they are absolutely leakproof.

Technical data

Content 8x VARTA Longlife Power Batterien
VARTA Type 4906
Type AA, Mignon
Integrated size according to h IEC LR6
Diameter 14.5 mm
Size 50.5 mm
Weight 23.8 g
Electrochemical system Primary Alkali Mangan (ZN/MNO2)
Voltage 1.5 V

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